High Bay Warehouse | AstraZeneca campus.


ACS was asked to support with the new high bay warehouse slab works at the AstraZeneca campus in Macclesfield. The location of the works was within a highly sensitive area whilst working with the Principal Contractor BES and the design team. We were involved with the development of the specifications and risk assessments to ensure the noise and vibration levels were kept to a minimum. This meant that the disruption of the pharmaceutical production programme was kept to a minimum.


There was an existing concrete slab which needed to be isolated from the live buildings before being broken out and removed. A strategy was developed where the concrete and stone which was removed from the existing slab was put through a concrete crusher to be recycled and brought back to the works area to be laid as a pile mat. The size of the new slab was 1800m2 at a depth of 450mm with over 800m3 of concrete over four pours. The concrete slabs were poured to a FM2 tolerance and was achieved by using a laser screed.

After working in attendance with the piling contractor, we commenced with the reduce dig excavation and the breaking and trimming down of 950 concrete piles. The preparation of the new slab then continued which included a water proofing membrane and the installation of 115 tonnes of steel.

During the rebar installation, our engineers set out the works to ensure that there would be no clashes between the rebar and the 670 bolts to be later installed for the high bay racking system.


The works were completed on time against a tight programme which included associated drainage works.