ACS announces £1m plant and vehicle investment

Aug 29, 2023Latest News

ACS announces £1m plant and vehicle investment

Aug 29, 2023Latest News

ACS Construction has announced an impressive £1 million investment, which highlights the company’s dedication to innovation, operational efficiency, and environmental responsibility. The investment comprises an array of cutting-edge construction equipment, a new fleet of site vehicles, and a strategic transition to hybrid and electric cars. Take a look below for our breakdown of the details of this exciting investment. 

State-of-the-art construction equipment 

The first chunk of ACS’s investment has been used to acquire state-of-the-art construction equipment. This includes a range of heavy-duty machinery and tools designed to enhance project execution and site efficiency. Scheduled for delivery in early September, the lineup features a Bomag 12 Roller, a 9 Ton Dual View Dumper, a 15 Ton TB2150 Takeuchi Excavator, a 9 Ton TB290 Takeuchi Excavator, a JCB 7M Telehandler and COSHH Stores. 

Fleet of sustainable vehicles 

ACS has also committed to modernising its fleet of vehicles with sustainability in mind. Over the past six months, the company has already invested in electric and hybrid vehicles, with the shift towards sustainability including the purchase of a Polestar, three Teslas, a BMW IX3, and two Volvos. An additional investment has also been made in new site fleet vehicles including five Ford Transit Connects and a Vauxhall Vivaro. 

Survey and measurement equipment 

Another key aspect of ACS’s investment strategy involves streamlining project accuracy and precision. The investment includes a Robotic EDM, set for delivery in early September, and a Leica Total Station, which arrived in March. These advanced tools will help to ensure projects continue to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. 

Evolving and improving 

Martin Deignan, ACS Finance Director, shared his thoughts on the £1m investment, saying: “At ACS, we know how vital it is to constantly evolve in an industry where new technologies are always being developed. This investment signifies our ongoing commitment to efficiency, precision, and sustainability. With the purchase of advanced construction equipment and transition to greener vehicles, we can keep delivering the highest quality results for our clients and contribute to a brighter future for our planet.” 

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