Quadruple Investors in People Gold for ACS

Aug 31, 2022Latest News

Quadruple Investors in People Gold for ACS

Aug 31, 2022Latest News

IIP Construction

ACS has done it again. We are pleased to share that we have been awarded Investors in People Gold (IIP) for the fourth consecutive time, retaining the gold standard for a decade.  

The prestigious IIP Gold accreditation is only awarded to a small percentage of business worldwide. The accreditation assesses two core areas processes and culture, with leadership being key to both aspects. The assessment comprises an employee survey and employee interviews. The assessment process is robust with a minimum percentage of employees having to complete the survey and a representative sample being taken across employee types for the interviews. 

ACS achieved advanced level practices on 7/9 indicators and an overall employee score of 747/900. The employee score was 20 points higher than the average IIP benchmark and 23 points higher than the average industry benchmark.  

Culture, empowerment, and collaborative working were core areas which we highly achieved in. Alongside this corporate social responsibility and sustainability were also demonstrated as fully integrated with our genuine desire to give something back and set sustainability targets.  

Some of our highest scores included 100% of people saying they have the right level of responsibility to do their job effectively, they have all the information they need to do their job well and they are encouraged to use initiative in their role.  

Employees commented that “Compared to my last company it’s great – the support from the office is fantastic” and “I could spend my working life here – it’s got that feel”. 

 Here are some of the main findings from the report: 

  • Employees across the business have very strong mission alignment 
  • Senior managers have ‘the personal touch’ with the skills to engage and connect with employees at all levels in the business 
  • Employees believe in the company values and feel motivated to exhibit behaviours linked to exceeding client expectations and treating people with respect 
  • There is a strong commitment to the health, safety, and wellbeing of the workforce 
  • The culture is very positive in areas such as empowerment and enabling collaborative working 
  • Social responsibility is fully integrated into the strategic planning process 
  • There are balanced key performance indicators across people, safety, quality, finance, and the environment  

Danny Doohan, Operations Director, ACS Construction Group commented: “IIP Gold is a good tool for us to see a benchmark of how we’re doing with our people, culture, and processes. For us IIP isn’t a box-ticking exercise, a trophy on your shelf, or a logo on your letterhead that you forget about once you have it. It’s a never-ending process of investment and improvement, a constant quest to be better. It’s a commitment to building your people and your business to the same high standards as the projects you deliver to your clients”.