Women in Construction: Melissa Connelly

Jun 7, 2022Latest News

Women in Construction: Melissa Connelly

Jun 7, 2022Latest News


Meet Melissa Connelly, our Office Manager at ACS Construction Group.

Q. What role did you have before you worked with ACS?

A. I worked in facility management (FM) for over 20 years and was a team leader. I ran the help desk, co-ordinated clients, and made sure the team were compliant.

Q: Why did you choose the construction industry?

A: I chose construction because it’s like my previous role in facilities, as there’s a lot of crossover in terms of skills. I wanted a new challenge and a role which I’ve never done before or known about.

Q: What does your current role involve?

A: I get information and evidence needed for accreditations, manage wages, arrange trainings, and organise any charity events. I wear many hats in my role and work across different areas of the business.

Q: What do you most like about your role?

A: I enjoy the variety, because no day is ever the same. I like working with a lovely bunch of people who all get stuck in and make things happen.

Q: What’s your proudest moment at ACS so far?

A: I’m confident in my role because people are open to my opinions and listen to my ideas. We’ve been working on a new web-based programme, and the suggestions I gave have now been implemented. I’m proud to work with a team that welcomes everyone with open arms.

Q: What is the company culture like?

A: Friendly and hardworking.

Q: How can women be inspired to join the construction industry?

A: The industry is now much more accepting of women employees. It’s not considered to be male-dominated anymore, and it’s good to see a number of women joining ACS.

Q: Where do you want to be in the future?

A: I want to continue moving forwards and looking for challenges. It’s great to be a part of a forward-thinking business.