A week with work experience student – Josh Evans

Mar 15, 2022Latest News

A week with work experience student – Josh Evans

Mar 15, 2022Latest News


A week with work experience student – Josh Evans

We asked student, Josh Evans, who recently gained work experience with us, how he found his time at ACS Construction.

Q: What stage are you at in school?

A: I’m currently in year twelve, studying at sixth form.

Q: What have you done during your time with ACS this week?

A: I’ve been involved with a variety of activities each day! I’ve gained experience in accounts, quantity surveying, estimating, and processing tickets.

Q: What have you most enjoyed with ACS and why?

A: I’ve enjoyed estimating out of all the projects I’ve been involved in as it was the most entertaining and I can also see myself progressing into this field in the future.

Q: Have you found anything challenging this week?

A: I found some of the estimating work quite tricky as I had to work out exactly what was needed within each job, including calculating prices, inspecting materials, and making sure that the calculations all added up correctly. Although, this was still my favourite thing to do!

Q: What have you learnt about the workplace which you didn’t know before?

A: Some roles in construction are very technical, as you need to have a good knowledge of computer software. I found that I easily adapted to the working hours too as they’re similar to the times I spend at sixth form.

Q: Do you think a career in the construction industry might be for you?

A: Yes absolutely! I plan on going to university to study civil engineering when I finish sixth form.

Q: What job would you like to do in the future?

A: I’d love to have a career as a civil engineer.

Q: Do you have anything else to add on your week with ACS?

A: I’ve really enjoyed my week spent at ACS Construction as I’ve learnt a lot of new skills. The people were also friendly with me and helpful too.