Spotlight Feature: Michael Stott

Nov 24, 2021Latest News

Spotlight Feature: Michael Stott

Nov 24, 2021Latest News

Meet Michael Stott, Senior Quantity Surveyor, ACS Construction Group  

Q: Tell us about your role at ACS? 

A: I manage construction costs from new tenders and bid management through to procurement and ensuring the budget is on track. It’s great to be involved with lots of aspects, no day is the same, one day you could be on the site, up and down the country, the next day, back in the office. I enjoy working across our different sectors, especially the energy sector as we do a lot of working on projects such as car charging stations which has a key impact on the environment.


Q: Have you had the opportunity to innovate in your role? 

A: I’m always looking at ways to develop our systems and processes. I recently helped to improve the sub-contractor procurement system to ensure we have the highest quality suppliers on our system. I’ve also helped make improvements to our supplier subcontractor account admin by putting a more effective framework in place.


Q: What challenges do you face in your role?

A:I enjoy the daily challenge of keeping oversight of all costs and analysis to make sure everything is on track. Alongside this, setting up supply chains across the country and at the moment, material prices and availability are also key challenges. I enjoy managing risks though and making sure we can always deliver when we win a project.


Q: What’s your greatest achievement at ACS? 

A:It’s becoming an established member of the team and growing over the past ten years with ACS. Before my role here, I had a degree in Construction Management and at the time everyone wanted onsite experience, so I went labouring for a while. When I joined ACS, they supported with a Quantity Surveying Degree, and I was proud to gain a First-Class Honours. Next year I’ll also finish my RICS Assessment of Processional Competence. As my experience has grown, I’ve been taking on more responsibility, bigger schemes and helping support the development of our junior quantity surveyors.


Q: Where will your role take you next? 

A:I’d like to be a Commercial Director in the future as this seems like a natural step up from my current role and I can further help the company to grow. I’d also be interested in doing a master’s in construction law to further expand my knowledge.


Q: What do you like doing outside of work? 

A: Playing football, watching Manchester United or being out with friends for food and drinks in Manchester.