Spotlight Feature: Emma Hafford

Nov 19, 2021Latest News

Spotlight Feature: Emma Hafford

Nov 19, 2021Latest News

Meet Emma Hafford, Purchasing Assistant, ACS Construction Group  

Q: Tell us about your role at ACS? 

A: My main day-to-day role includes checking how long kit is on hire for, doing cost analysis, assessing the end-of-life costs, flagging variances, checking orders and invoices. I have also recently supported with R&D claims, and I’ve just completed my degree too. I’m really pleased to have gained a First-Class Honours in Accounting and Finance with Professional Experience Year.


Q: Have you had the opportunity to innovate in your role? 

A: Yes, I recently helped to implement a new cost system change to Eque2. It’s a new digital solution we’ve adopted to manage our job costings. Through Eque2 we don’t have to wait for delivery tickets to be manually returned to us, work from separate spreadsheets and retype data. Not only has it really improved efficiencies and cost savings but being paperless, it’s also helping the environment.


Q: Where is your role based? 

A: My role is based at our head office in South Manchester, but I’ve been onto our construction sites several times which is great. I’ve helped train our team on our new Eque2 system and from seeing our construction sites gained a better understanding of what the business is all about and what’s on the invoices I deal with.


Q: What’s your greatest achievement at ACS? 

A: I really enjoyed bringing in the new Eque2 system, but winning the North West CECA award for Women in Civil Engineering is a main highlight for me too. I was shocked when I heard my name, as I really wanted to win it. It made me feel really valued and everyone was proud of me. I joined ACS on a placement year as part of my degree and I’m also proud to have gained a First-Class Honours whilst studying and working at the same time for my final year. 


Q: Where will your role take you next? 

A: I’m looking to maximise my development as a Contractors Cost Analysis including introducing new software initiatives. I’m passionate about helping to drive efficiencies and manage costs on high value, complex civil schemes and implement scalable systems for the future growth of ACS.


Q: What do you like doing outside of work? 

A: I like reading fiction books – mostly detective type novels. I also studied photography at college, and I like taking nature and landscape photos. But, I’m busy at the moment renovating my new home!